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Company no. SC401334 | Charity no. SC042505

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Support We Offer

Initial discussion (free)
Evaluation of needs based on overall situation, current resources and budget.
Stage 1
  • Site Visit and Consultation
  • Site survey (including area risk assessment), consultation, report and recommendations.
  • Identifying and Sourcing suitable storage
  • Assistance in sourcing an appropriate container to turn into a pod.
  • Container Delivery
  • Support during container delivery if feasible.
    Stage 2
  • Day Training
  • Training to optimise the use of the pod; understand free play and risk benefit.
  • Sourcing Scrap Materials
  • Identifying suppliers and sourcing initial scrap materials for play.
  • Evaluation
  • Baseline evaluation and support with evaluation action plan and methods.
  • Website and Resource Guidance
  • Guidance on how to best utilise the downloadable web resources.
    Stage 3
  • On-going Support
  • Advice on pod use, play activities and evaluation.
  • Annual Membership
  • Full access to website and membership to smart play network which includes training and evaluation resources, information on sourcing scrap material, current research, and continued advice/support.
    Optional Extras
    Graffiti Workshop: A service to decorate and personalise the pod (approx. £500).
    Continued Services: In-person training and further evaluation and support.
    Full Package
  • £2000
  • Please contact us if we are already engaging with you through another project. You may be able to apply for a discount.


    Additional Costs
    The cost of the container is not included in the cost of our services as this will vary with every pod and each container will be an asset purchased and owned by the setting operating the project. Some projects may already have storage they wish to utilise.
    Optional Extras
    Pod Personalisation: Groups can opt for a one day graffiti workshop with the children to decorate the pod to the children’s specifications.Continued Services: We can provide continued services as needed such as yearly training sessions, team-building activities, and workshops on pod training, evaluation, and fundraising.