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Play Resources

The POW team have developed simple ideas for play activities for use at home or in settings that make use of easily available and often recycled materials. Play activities support children to experiment with new materials or ideas and can encourage them to use new ways to explore their play interests.

Play activities should always be optional and adults can help children to follow their own curiosity by being open to using the materials in different ways. You might start out with the idea of making a sock puppet, but who knows where that will take you!

Baby Rainbow Bottle
Baby Rainmaker
Bath Time Play
Boats and Cars
Bottle Top Shaker
Bottle Top Rattle Snake
Boxes and Bags
Building a Den

Carrier Bag Kites

DIY Playdough

Everlasting Bubbles

Fun Painting 1
Fun Painting 2

Home Made Mobiles
Hopscotch (Peevers)

Mask Making
Melted Crayons
Messy Play Shaving Foam
Milk Carton Elephant
Mud Play
Musical Instruments 1
Musical Instruments 2
Musical Mittens

Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Posting Box
Printing Ideas

Recycled Materials

Scavenger Hunt
Secret of Water Rising
Small World Play
Snow Play
Sponge splat painting
Sprouting Grass Heads
Sock Puppets

Tiger Feet
Through the tunnel
Treasure Baskets
Tugging Box


Water Art
Wind Sock

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